Now it comes with three versions for Ableton 10 Lite, Intro, Standard and Suite!


These vocal effects are great for live performance or for quick inspiration in the studio. All you need to do is MIDI map 11 parameters (3 buttons and 8 sliders or knobs) to your controller and start making sounds! The rest works right out of the box.


Here's a video that details the setup process:

Lohai Vocal FX for Ableton

  • Once you purchase the pack, you will be sent a link to download your files. In this .zip you will find a .adg file for every version of Ableton. Drag the one that corresponds to your software onto an audio track, map it, and you should be all set!


    The harmony effect (iZotope Nectar 2) that we use in our demo video must be purchased separately or substituted with a different effect.

    Unfortunately Ableton doesn't have a comparable alternative, but there are lots of Max For Live options that could be fun to play with. Each Lohai pack comes preloaded with an octavizer plugin or a chorus effect (for Lite users).

    Feel free to reach out with any other questions!